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New stuff in the forum Empty New stuff in the forum

Post by Admin on Wed 18 Nov 2015, 9:01 pm

Hello, Genies!

Some days ago new functions were added to the forum. They're not very big, just something that could make life in the forum a little bit more entertaining.

There's a new info tile on everyone's profile called "Reputation", there's only one way to change it: By giving others positive or negative votes on their comments. Each positive vote that someone receives is one point to his/her reputation. The same with negative votes, they lose one point of reputation. I guess we won't use the negative one because we're all friends, but let's keep just in case...

Now everyone has points too. These are the ways in which someone can earn points:
-Posting a coment: 1 point
-Creating a new subject in the General forum: 3 points
-Creating a new subject in the Guides forum: 5 points (Alliance members only)
-Leaving a comment on someone's profile: 2 points
-Becoming friends with someone: 5 points
-Earning one point of reputation: 1 point
Also, every registered user gets 1 point each day after the registration.

"Thanks" button:
Now, the creator of a subject is able to press a button called "Thanks" to other users messages on the respective owner's topic. I'm not very sure if this gives any points, or why it works only for the subject creator.

Special title:
Everyone has something new on their profile. A "special title" field, as part of the user's information. This can't be changed by the user himself, instead the Admin account changes it manually on each profile depending on someone's reputation on the alliance (nothing to do with the new reputation feature in the forum). Such as "Pappa Bear" for Jack. Five users already have that title. Go check if you have yours already  Wink . Admin can change someone's special title if the users wants it, also if others ask for it to be changed, or they think that that user deserves a special title.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the new features. Cheers!

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New stuff in the forum Empty Re: New stuff in the forum

Post by ann12 on Mon 08 Feb 2016, 2:58 am


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